10 Ways to Fail at Joomla

Avoid failing at Joomla

I was surfing Twitter and the Joomla Forums today and noticed people complaining about a lot of issues. Many of them were 'victims' of one or more of the following reasons people fail at using Joomla:

  1. Not taking the time to learn the basics
  2. Using a bad template
  3. Not having a backup plan
  4. Installing a new version without doing a backup
  5. Not bothering to read and understand the security checklist
  6. Not learning even a tiny bit of CSS
  7. Installing new extensions on a production site without testing them
  8. Ranting and shouting in the forums, thereby losing out on the help you would get if your were thinking before shouting
  9. Oops, I guess I couldn't think of anything more - how about you?
  10. ?
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