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This is kinda old news for many of you, but if you haven't already seen it, head on over to

The recently relaunched site use Joomla - and it's a clean and nicely done site.


The clean and elegant - made with Joomla
The site uses a template from JoomlArt - JA Vauxite. They also use the JoomlaWorks "Frontpage Slideshow" to highlight the newest articles. This creates an appealing front page and fits nicely with the otherwise sober, elegant layout. also use the extension EventList to show upcoming events here. This makes for a clean overview of events at the site, and as far as I know, an easy way for the site managers to update the events list.

Additionally, the site uses the commercial extension myBlog for the Community blogs section.This gives the section a more blog-like feel than the rest of the site (with the use of avatars, social bookmarking buttons etc), and the system makes it even easier for the writers to contribute.

As a nice touch, I noticed that features Accessibility functions, which enhances the use of the site for people with eyesight problems.

Visit to see the site in action for yourself.

Congratulations to - and the Joomla! Community on the choice of Joomla! CMS for this important site!

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