OSToolbar gives you video tutorials in your Joomla admin

ostoolbar-illA few weeks back, OS Training released the extension OSToolbar.

This is an innovative new extension that places video tutorials throughout your Joomla administrator area.

The software makes it easy for you and our clients to find the help you need, exactly when you need it.

What do you get?

When you're buying OSToolbar, you get the right to install and use the Joomla 1.5 OSToolbar extension. You are entitiled to all future updates of the 1.5 extension and videos. This license is valid for one domain.

How Does OSToolbar Work?

There are two ways to view the tutorials:

  1. You can see all of the videos at once inside the OSToolbar component (form the components menu in the Joomla administrator).
  2. You can see a specific tutorial for each page of the Joomla administrator area (icon just beside the regular help icon).

Here's an example of each:

Inside the OSToolbar Component


Go to OSToolbar under Components in the main Joomla Administrator drop-down menu and click on Tutorials.


Click on the tutorial that you want to view. tutuploadsmedia_1298936824578.png

2) On Every Page


The second approach really demonstrates the power and simplicity of OSToolbar. Go to an area of Joomla and click on OSTraining Help.

In this example above, we're editing an article. However, you could go to any area, e.g. Global Configuration, Article Manager, Module Manager, Template Manager, etc. The key is that whatever area you are in, the tutorial for that respective area will be viewable by clicking on OSTraining Help.

Why I like OSToolbar

There are several things that make me like this component. Firstly, it's really simple to use. My clients won't need training to use it ;) Secondly, the videos are short and to the point. That means you don't waste time siting through a long video to wait for the stuff you need. And lastly, the videos are updated and improved on regularly. That means you will always have up-to-date tutorials right there in your admin.

Learn more and buy OSToolbar

(this is an affiliate link, which means I get a small commission if you decide to buy it. It has not influenced my review (disclaimer), but if you don't think I deserve a couple of bucks, use this link instead ;)

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