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At J and Beyond 2012, I talked to Daniel Dimitrov, one of the excellent Joomla developers I have come to know during the last years. Hunched over the bar, we discussed all things Joomla, and he told me that he planned a series of Joomla related webinars. He felt there is a need for a masterclass type learning environment for those who want to learn more about Joomla.

As a developer, the most obvious for Daniel was to start by offering an Extension Development webinar. Since JAB, he's been working hard on the concept and now it's a reality!

This week, I've been talking to David Hurley of WebSparkInc.com. They're the company behind the project management software JForce, which plugs right into Joomla! as a component.

Read on to get to know David and perhaps learn something from his experiences developing software for Joomla!.