Video: Interview with the people behind sh404SEF

sh404SEF guys interviewI'm here at the J and Beyond conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. Among the people I've met at the conference are the people behind the Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL extension sh404SEF.

I met with lead developer Yannick Gaultier and CEO Victor Drover of Anything Digital for a chat about the upcoming version of sh404SEF. Yannick is based in France and Victor is in the U.S. They started working together last year after Yannick almost quit the project due to his day-time job. Yannick has now quit his day-job to work full time as a developer with Anything Digital.

This has resulted in a large number of improvements to the component. The next version, code named sh808, will have a vastly improved user-interface and many new features. I sat down with Yannick after the interview to look closer at the new version. And I must say I'm impressed with the new interface and the innovations that are done with this product.

Watch the video to learn more about the new version of sh404SEF - this time directly from the source. This is actually the first video interview made here on Joomlablogger, so I hope you enjoy it!

For more on sh404SEF, visit Anything Digital
To follow the release of sh404SEF version 2.0, follow #sh808 on Twitter.

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