Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 10)

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 10. As always, there are a lot of good reads out there regarding Joomla. Enjoy!

Brianteeman: Who is the Joker in the Joomla pack?

Written by Brian Teeman

The second most common odd question I get asked is "Why is the default userid 62?"

Andrew attempted to give the most complete answer but the truth is the answer is lost in the dim and distant past.

There is nothing you can do about it.On every install a superadmin user is created with username "admin" and userid "62".

Read the complete post here.... Installing Joomla Locally on Your P.C.

Written by Open Source Training

Following on from other newsletters where we showed you how to set up Joomla on a Mac and also how to develop locally and moving your site to a live server, this week we're going to walk you through installing Joomla locally, on a P.C.

We're going to use WAMP for this tutorial.

Read the complete post here....

Communityjoomla: Interview with Fotis Evangelou About

Written by Steve Burge

This is the second in a series of blog posts about major Joomla websites and the developers who built them. First up was Jack Bremer and the U.K. arts website

This week we're talking with Fotis Evangelou about the major Greek sports website

Read the complete post here....

Alltogetherasawhole: How to add Magento eCommerce to a Joomla site

Written by Michel van Agtmaal

Although several e-Commerce solutions are available for Joomla, none of them seem to meet the powerful features of the open source Magento eCommerce Platform.

Last Friday I had the pleasure to join Yireo, one of our Extension Development Partners, at a MageBridge Demo and really got impressed by their approach to bridge Magento to Joomla.

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Joomlatools: Joomlatools is growing

Written by Johan Janssens

Over the past 3 years Joomlatools has gone from strength to strength. Founded by Joomla Co-founder Johan Janssens and DOCman Lead Developer Mathias Verraes we soon grew with the addition of two more Joomla Co-Founders Peter Russell and Shayne Bartlett.

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How to joomla: How to Use Sessions in Joomla!

Written by Brian Edgerton

Session storage is a very important aspect of web applications. In its simplest form, a PHP session allows data to be stored temporarily on the server and accessed throughout a user's time on the site. When that user leaves the site or is inactive for a certain amount of time, the data is destroyed. While anonymous sessions are common, sessions are usually associated with user logins.

Read the complete post here....

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