Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 12)

joomla-week-12Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 12.

This week, there's an interesting post by Steve Burge from about Joomla Admin templates, a view on Open Source Matters and PR as well as other interesting Joomla reads.

Enjoy! Yes, Joomla Admin Templates Are Worthwhile

Written by Steve Burge

Back in mid-2008, Kyle from approached me about writing a guest post. He was trying to promote AdminPraise, a new design for the Joomla administrator area.

I was sceptical. Very. So sceptical that I asked him to basically defend the need for AdminPraise. His guest post became Are Joomla Admin Templates Worthwhile?

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Commuityjoomla: JED Breaks down.... the backlog

Written by Toni Marie

The Joomla! Extensions Directory is no doubt one of the reasons Joomla! is so popular.  The JED itself has very high traffic and receives hundreds of reviews and listing submissions per week.  One of the reasons we can maintain the quality of the JED is because each submission is reviewed by a real human being before it is approved and published.   That popularity is both a blessing and a curse to us on the JED editing team.

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Alltogetherasawhole: Joomla! Autoloader using spl_autoload

Written By Amy Stephen

I created an Autoloader so that I didn't have to include the require_once statement for each Class needed. (Well, and because Wilco introduced me to the concept and kept bugging me until I did it).

My first iteration was a pre-loader. I interated through each class folder and issued a require_once. Then, it dawned on me that's not what an Autoloader does. So, next, I created an automatic function for each class folder in my application.

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Joejoomla: Why Are Companies Still Creating Static Websites When They Can Have A CMS Like Joomla?

Written By Joejoomla

Recently I had a meeting with a product manager at a company who told me that their IT department had just been given approval to revamp their website. They are going to use an obsolete website development tool to create essentially a collection of static web pages. It's hard to believe that people are still putting resources into static HTML websites these days.

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Rockettheme: Gantry Talk at CMS Expo 2010

Written by Andy Miller

I am going to be doing a talk about the Gantry framework during CMS Expo which is being held May 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Evanston, Illinois. I intend to give a high-level overview but also get into the real guts of the framework to show how creating a Joomla template is easier than ever if you build them on Gantry.

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Howtojoomla: Dear Open Source Matters...

Written by Cory Webb

I've noticed a lot of controversy  brewing over your recent announcement that you've hired a PR firm to drive awareness of the Joomla project. This is a tough issue with excellent points on both sides. There is clearly a need for better PR for Joomla. This situation, ironically, is a perfect example of that need. There is also clearly a need for more community involvement and input in decisions like this.

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Gnomeontherun: Joomla Incubator Program

Written by Jeremy Wilken

Joomla was not accepted as one of the 2010 Google Summer of Code participants, and while it was a bit of a surprise it is certainly an interesting opportunity that seems to be developing from it. JoeJoomla has already blogged about the possible 'blessings in desguise', and the mailing list for the topic has a topic with some messages with the fine folks at Dioscouri have offered to take interns this summer as well as the CloudAccess team has offered to mentor.

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