Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 16)

joomla-week-16Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 16.


Communityjoomla: Joomla Social Site RFC

Written by Wendy Robinson

For a very long time people in the Community Working Group (and the Sites and Infrastructure group before that) have wanted to create a social network style site for the Joomla! Community. Recently the Community Leadership Team has been discussing this idea (yet) again  and also discussing a major redesign of all of the sites.

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Alltogetherasawhole: How do I get my code into Joomla? - A formal RFC process for Joomla!

Written by Amy Stephen

Pay attention to this thread entitled A formal RFC process for Joomla!.

If you are a serious developer who has code or ideas you believe are important to consider, you know it can be a frustrating process to be heard and taken seriously. David Vega, aka DukeofGaming on Twitter, feels your pain.

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Joomlatools: Nooku at the Dutch Joomladays

Written by Mathias Verraes

This weekend we will be at the Dutch Joomladays in Utrecht. It's one of the oldest and most popular Joomla events in Europe: two days, hundreds of attendees, and lots of parallel sessions. Traditionally it has a great mix of newbies, organizations, and community members, which is the perfect recipe for inspiring discoveries.

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Alltogetherasawhole: ATAAW Site Build - Status Update

Written by Robert Vining

Just wanted to give a quick update on the progress of the new site plan for All Together as a Whole.

As most of you know from the discussions last weekend, Ning recently announced they would be going to a Premium paid service model and remove all free sites from their network. We are currently premium customers with our domain name, but that may not be enough.

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Communityjoomla: Joomla Community Behaviour and Responsibility

Written by Brad Baker

Every once in a while you come across something that makes you say to yourself "If only I could express myself with the same words, this really makes sense to me." Recently, I've had two of these moments.

One was watching a presentation by Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager, entitled: "The Engines Of Community".

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Joomlatools: Joomladays you can't miss!

Written by Mathias Verraes

Joomla event season is starting again and we are firing up our engines. We already blogged about J! And Beyond, but there's more:

Joomladay France. First up is the Joomladay France in Bordeaux, on March 21st, 2010. That's this weekend, so if you haven't booked yet, do it fast.

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