Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 22)

joomla-week-22Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 22.

A lot of people attended «J and Beyond» this week, so there wasn't that many new posts. I guess next week will see a lot of new stuff on the Joomla! blogs around.


Brianteeman: The world according to Joomla!

Written by Marcos Peebles

So, Drupal got the White House, nice and a very positive move for Open Source in general and CMS's in particular. What about Joomla! and governmental sites?

We always want to know were we stand, don't we? Recently a typical internet buzz tried to imply Joomla! was for the dwarfs and that more serious CMS's got all the biggies. Is it true?

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Communityjoomla: JED 5000: Thank you Joomla Developer Community

Written by Toni Marie

The Joomla Extensions Directory reached a milestone today, topping the 5000 listings mark.  That means more than 5000 extensions are available to the community as open source and GPL.  A few years ago, members of the community had questioned the ability of the JED to thrive while only allowing GPL extensions to be listed.

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Alltogetherasawhole: Shishir asks "What we can do as part of Joomla community to make it number one?"

Written by Amy Stephen

This is my response to a discussion started by Shisihir entitled Why Joomla still not the number one open source CMS?, and specifically, to repeat a very good question Shishir raises when he asked, "In short, I want to know what we can do as part of Joomla community to make it number one."

To begin, I want to gently correct the misconception that Joomla! has never won the Packt Award. Such is not the case. In fact, Joomla! was the first first ever award recipient in 2006. And trust me, we were dancing in the forums with great pride when that announcement was made!

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Jandbeyond: Presentations and Photos online

Written by Brian Teeman


We have a dedicated channel at slideshare where all presenters are invited to upload their slides for everyone to see in one single location.

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