Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 3)

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 3. Enjoy! We're Opening Up Alledia To Your News and Blogs

Written by Steve Burge
You may have noticed a countdown clock on the right of the site, ticking away each day. We're counting the days until we make a major product launch on February 1st. It's now 2 weeks before the launch and we're rolling out an early change here at Alledia.

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Community.joomla: JConnect Rebranded

Written by Arunoda Susiripala
Do you remember the GSOC project JConnect on Joomla?. This multi-integration engine started out by connecting Joomla! with Elgg. If you are new to the project or forgot about it, see this page. Due to conflicting brand names, JConnect is now JConnekt; read the full story on the blog.
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Alltogetherasawhole: New Official Forum for the Joomla! Community Magazine

Written by Paul Orwig
I am delighted to announce that there is now an official Joomla! Community Magazine forum! It can be found in the Official Joomla! Sites and Infrastructure Section on the home page of the Joomla! Forum website.
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Joejoomla: Joomla! Security Interview With Jason Kendall

This is the start of a new year so I decided to kick it off with an interview in the JoeJoomla Sound Off Blog. Throughout the year I will be interviewing some Joomla! personalities. We'll discover some of the who's who in the Joomla! world and gain some insight from their point of view. Where to start? How about web security?
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Joomlatools: Why DOCman?

Written by Mathias Verraes
Occasionally we receive questions from people asking why they should use DOCman instead of another document management or download extension for Joomla. We haven't done any feature-by-feature comparisons -- we'll leave that to other bloggers -- but below is a re-post of what I answered to a question on our forum.
Read the complete post here.... Integrating Magento and Joomla Using MageBridge

Written by Steve Burge
We had a great presentation at the Atlanta Joomla Users Group last night. Paul from went over the integration possibilities with Joomla and Magento, a very powerful open source shopping cart.
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