Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 31)


Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 31.

Sandra Warren has written a post on the new and improved system for Joomla User Group applications. There is also a post on Joomla and distributed version control, as well as info on the new Ecolift template from Joomla Bamboo.

Enjoy your week!

Who said becoming a Registered JUG was easy?

Written by Sandra Warren

The JUG team is proud to present a new and improved system for JUG applications. Many JUG applications that were previously rejected or held up, have now been approved and listed in the new directory.

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Joomla and distributed version control

Written by David Vega

So, if anyone is interested in supporting a distributed SCM tool such as git or mercurial, here is a nice opportunity to discuss it:

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Joomla!Day DC

Written by Brian "Sully" Sullivan

Joomla!Day DC is being organized by the Northern Virginia Joomla! Users Group and will be held at Microsoft’s conference facilities in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.

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It's lift off for the Ecolift Joomla Template

Written by Anthony Olsen

After a slight delay Im very happy to announce the availability of the Ecolift Joomla Template - the august Joomla template release for club members. Econative became Ecolift a few days ago so thanks to all who sent your suggestions in. I think Ecolift suits this one nicely.

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