Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 32)

joomla-week-32Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 31.

This week, I found several posts by Steve Burge from the Joomla Community blog. There is also a good read by Jeremy Wilken on software usability, as well as part 5 in the series of new functions in Joomla 1.6.

Enjoy your week!

Open Source Matters Seeks Your Nominations for New Board Members

Written by Steve Burge

In December 2009, the Joomla! community was asked to nominate new Open Source Matters (OSM) board members.

OSM is entrusted with providing organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! project. You can find out more about the organization at With those serious responsibilities and the recent departure of two long-serving board members, the decision has been made to expand the board once more.

We are looking for your nominations for new OSM board members.

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The Usability Tradeoff

Written by Jeremy Wilken

As I write software, sometimes I find myself weighing my options on how to best organize and display the functionality of the program. There exists a paradox between what I want to accomplish and what the environment I'm working in allows. This is a paradox that exists in software development, and one that exists in our daily lives.

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How to make your email marketing fun, with a Joomla twist

Written by Tess Neale

A many of you know, we loooove using Mailchimp for our newsletters! But…the integration with Joomla honestly left us with more to wish for. Sure, it was possible to use Mailchimps API to do some nice things, but let’s face it, if you’re going to run a member-driven site, these things should be seamless.

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How One Company Builds Multilingual Websites With Joomla

Written by Steve Burge

Earlier this year we ran a series of interview on developers of very high-profile Joomla websites. Now in a new series we're talking with developers of normal business websites and interesting aspects of their work.

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Gorillaz Use Joomla - Redesign of the Year?

Written by Steve Burge

Gorillaz is a musical project created in 1998 by Damon Albarn of alternative rock band Blur. They've sold enormous numbers of records and also have won a large number of awards.
They're now nominated for another award - Resdesign of the Year. was rebuilt in Joomla

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What You Need to Know About Joomla 1.6. Part 5: Templates

Written by Chad Windnagle

I, along with the rest of the Joomla! developer community, have been downloading and installing the new release and playing around with all the goodies.

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Ethiopia Runs on Joomla - How About Your Country?

Written by Steve Burge

I've had the privilege of working with an organization based in Ethiopia this week. They wanted some information about how widely used Open Source is and whether it would be a good choice. So I started digging and found out that practically every Ethiopian university and the vast majority of the country's government agences all run Joomla.

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