Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 34)

joomla-week-34Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 34.

Seems to be quiet in the Joomla blogging world these days. I guess people have a lot to catch up with after a lazy summer. I know I have!

Have a great week!


Happy 5th Birthday Joomla!

Written by Brian Teeman

I thought long and hard about what to write for this Birthday blog post.

I started to look back at the early days, back in September and October 2005, to see if the aims and ideas of the co-founders have come to fruition.

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PLT and Paid Contract Work

Written by Mark Dexter

As many of you know, in late 2009 it was decided by OSM and the project leadership to contract with Andrew Eddie and Louis Landry and to pay them for working on the Joomla! project. This was a very big step and was only undertaken after much discussion and careful consideration. There was strong agreement in the OSM and project leadership for this decision.

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The GPL and Collaboration

Written by Amy Stephen

Last week, Sander Potjer tweeted and posted about his new ACL interface.

He has been working on this interface since the Joomla! 1.6 Bootcamp early in August where he presented his ideas using an Excel spreadsheet, pictured below.

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