Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 37)

joomla-week-37Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 37.

Gary Brooks has written about the site, we have some technical posts on K2, a really great list of Joomla Security tips by Torkil Johnsen.

Finally, Wendy Robinson outlines some small modifications to the Joomla Forum rules.


Profile of the launch -- Joomla reborn

Written by David Rolston

Globalbroadcast4kids was launched in 2007, using Joomla 1.0, and a custom flash video player that had integrated channels, and a fancy animated player skin. Over the years, the Joomla install had gotten badly out of date, and the player had begun to exhibit problems loading some of the channels.

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50,000 Joomla! websites launched - is growing

Written by Gary Brooks

The demo site has launched over 50,000 thousand Joomla! websites to date.  At we have been very busy keeping the new Joomla! users happy and enjoying the brand new servers we put the demo users on.

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Joomla K2 Component ERD Schema and Tree traversal optimization with Catalog Mode

Written by David Rolston

In the recent profile of, I talked about the use of the K2 component from the Folks at JoomlaWorks. While doing some customization, I decided to reverse engineer the K2 tables that are created and used by the component.

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What's Your Listings' Social Rank?

Written by Matt Lipscomb

Over the past 10 years we have become a society that relies heavily on social networking in our decision-making concerning products and services.  There are even some sites singularly dedicated to social shopping and reviews.  Over the past few months you may have noticed the Facebook Like/share, Twitter Tweet and Google Buzz buttons appearing on the Joomla family of sites.

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How to configure AVReloaded to work with Longtail's JW Player Google Analytics Pro plugin

Written by David Rolston

Like the Allvideos plugin, AVReloaded comes bundled with the ubiquitous JW Player for Flash. If you are streaming flash movies from your website, one worthwhile plugin is longtail's Google Analytics Pro.

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Collection of Joomla Security Tips

Written by Torkil Johnsen

This is a post where I have collected a lot of tips and links from wherever I could find them. Originally I was going to wait for Joomla 1.6 to publish this and make sure to adjust the list according to what 1.6 will look like, but 1.6 is still in beta, and I grow tired of waiting, so this is a list targeted at Joomla 1.5.

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Small Modication to the Joomla Forum Rules

Written by Wendy Robinson

In an effort to protect and show our support for developers who release their products under the GPL license, as well as users of Joomla and third party extensions, we are putting in place a new rule that only allows people to post a link to the approved JED listing for the extension to which they are referring.

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