Joomla Blog Posts from Around the Web (week 44)

joomla-week-44Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 44.

Brian Teeman asks "Why Joomla", Brian features a guest post by Philip Locke about a migration project from Mambo to Joomla, Matt Lipscomb has a write-up on the community aspect of Joomla, and there is a reminder about feedback for the redesign.

Enjoy your week!

A Community United

Written by Matt Lipscomb

Over the last five years Joomla has seen exponential growth.  We see this happening in not only the market share of sites that use Joomla, but also in the community that supports it.Having a common goal of making Joomla better and a community structure that encourages each individual's creative spirit to be free has brought our CMS to places that were once only dreamed of.

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Why Joomla?

Written by Brian Teeman

At the end of October I had the great honour to present the keynote session at the first ever Joomla!Day Denmark. It was a fantastic event with almost 200 people attending over 2 days in the picturesque city of Kolding.

The venue itself was the IBC school which was unlike any school I've ever been to. If my school had provided such a relaxed atmosphere perhaps I would have concentrated harder.

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Reminder - The Redesign Needs Your Feedback!

Written by Wendy Robinson

Over the past few weeks, Kyle Ledbetter has been facilitating some discussions on asking for your feedback regarding what you think should be considered in the design and Information Architecture for the new redesign.

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The Great Mambo Migration

Written by Philip Locke

When a client rings and says "I run a website on Mambo", one tends to run a mile & hide for a month or two hoping they will disappear.But in the case of Kineo (leaders in the e-learning environment), determining whether migration to Joomla! was time well spent was a no brainer for moving forward with their business and keeping up with advancements since the mambo days.

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