Giving the Blog a Face Lift

yootheme-template-phoenixYesterday, I changed the template for this blog. After some tweaking I changed it from the SolarSentinel template from RocketTheme to the new Phoenix template from Yootheme.

Wasn't happy with the load time on the former template, and I had some issues with SuperBlogger. Also, I feel that the SolarSentinel template gave a somewhat "heavy" impression, and wanted a lighter feel to the site.

Besides that, wanted to test out the new Warp framework YooTheme has implemented in the Phoenix template. It's allegedly much faster than earlier iterations of their template framework.

Still Having Problems with SuperBlogger and sh404SEF

The problems I've had with SuperBlogger continues, even after changing the template. It seems like it has to do with sh404SEF, and JoomlaWorks has commented on it here. That said, I think it's a bit annoying to buy a plugin that doesn't work with one of the most common components for Joomla.

sh404SEF is an Editor's Pick at the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory), and on their list of popular extensions. Well, I hope either JoomlaWorks or Siliana (the sh404SEF developer) can get the bugs sorted out. As it is now, the plugin works fine on most pages, but the front page just turns blank. I trust the problems will be solved soon - SuperBlogger is great when it works.

What Do You Think About the New Template?

I've had some feedback on the dropdown menus. As one put it: Black drop downs are av bit "in your face". I agree, and will improve on the visuals during the coming weeks.

Any other feedback? Please comment below :)


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