Joomla did great in CMS showdown


Joomla was recently featured in a comparison test between three different CMS platforms: Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Joomla did great in this CMS showdown! I'm not surprised.

The article, which is written by, aims at showing you the differences between the platforms, and asks a few basic questions to the reader. These questions are fundamental in choosing the right CMS:

  • What do you want?
  • What do you need?
  • What can you afford

The SXSW CMS Showdown took the Iron Chef concept and pitched three teams against each other using three different CMSs to create a website based on a common design given to them. The teams had 100 hours to work on the project (team hours, not man hours) and had to give the fruits of their labors back to the open source community.

The author writes:

Though the judges decided that everyone was a winner, the effort required to cross the finish line varied widely. True, the WordPress team created a great looking and highly functional site, but at what cost? The team obviously took the challenge seriously, using up 90% of the allotted time and creating nearly two thousand line of custom code.

Compare that to Drupal and Joomla! who did the job with basically unmodified systems and in less time. Though all three turned in credible results, I think Joomla! won this competition on the numbers.

The main thing I noticed was the comparison chart showing how much time was used on different elements of the site.

A comparison chart done after the sites were done showed Total Hours Spent, Hours spent on front end, HTML and CSS validation status, Page Weight in Kb and Lines of custom PHP/JS code.

In terms of numbers Joomla! definitely is a winner. For instance, the Wordpress team had to write a whopping 1808 lines of custom code, whilst the Joomla! team got away with only 30! The numbers in the other categories was also significately lower than the competing products.

Congrats to Joomla!

Read the full article here and see the comparison chart.

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