Going to Joomla! Night Stockholm

joomla-night-stockholm-2011In a few weeks, I'm going to attend the first Swedish Joomla! Night. It takes place in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The theme of the Joomla! Night is 'Joomla: at the edge of innovation Build your website with a cutting edge CMS'.

The talks will center around this subject, and they even get a visit from the President :)

Interesting talks about Joomla innovation

It's limited what is possible to do in one night, but I think they've managed to put together a really nice evening. These are the talks for the evening:

All of these topics are really interesting. After the release of Joomla 1.6, many users are curious about the future of the project. And I know Ryan is going to give us a good overview of where the project is headed in the future.

Molajo is a Joomla 1.6 distribution and it will be good to get a better insight into what this means for the user and for the project. This is the first serious attempt at a Joomla distribution, as far as I know.

Nooku is, as you might know already, a development framework for Joomla. It reduces the development time for Joomla extensions by giving the developer a library of functions to use when coding. That means each developer won't have to invent the wheel, and they all benefit from what other developers put into the framework.

I've just recently worked with Daniel Chapman from NinjaForge to create a custom Joomla component, a plug-in and some modules. All based on the Nooku framework. From what I could see, the use of Nooku made the whole process easier. More on that later ;)

A time to catch up

I'm looking forward to meeting Swedish and other Joomla users at the event, and perhaps meet some of my friends from J and Beyond 2011. I'm also looking forward to spending some time in Stockholm. It's a great city to spend time in, and I have a few friends there.

Actually, I'm staying in Stockholm for almost a week, as I'm attending an Aikido seminar the week after the Joomla! Night. It will be a great week :)

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