Shortlist for the J!Oscars awards announced

joscars-illThe shortlist for the J!Oscars awards was announced a couple of days ago.

Just like last year, I'm nominated in the 'Blog Junkie' category, and the blog is nominated in the 'Blog Web Site' category. I'm happy and honoured that I'm nominated in two categories.

If you like what you find on this blog and you're going to J and Beyond, you know what to do ;)

This year the J and Beyond organizers have had a record number of nominations and the international panel has had a very hard task in creating a shortlist.

Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards

According to the international panel, the shortlist "is of a very high calibre". The actual voting will take place at J & Beyond by all the attendees present at the conference. The winners will be announced in a star studded celebrity awards ceremony on Saturday 7th May.

The shortlisted nominees are presented in alphabetical order at the event site and all J and Beyond attendees are enouraged to check them out before voting at J and Beyond 2011.

Complete list of J!Oscars nominees

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Commercial Web Site

Blog Web Site

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Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup

FLEXIcontent flexi content
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Guillermo Bravo - willin


Jean-Marie Simonet - infograf768




Miljan Vujosevic - Leftfield


Peter Martin - pe7er


Code Junkie

Hannes Papenberg

Hannes Papenburg

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Peter van Westen

Peter van Westen

Stian Didriksen

Stian Didriksen

Blog Junkie

Amy Stephen Amy Stephen
Brian Teeman brian teeman

Kristoffer Sandven

kristoffer sandven
Steve Burge steve burge

Social Media Junkie

Amy Stephen Amy Stephen
Barrie North barrie north
Brian Teeman brian teeman
Radek Suski Radek Suski
Steve Burge steve burge
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