Joomla business templates, November 2013

Joomla business templates, November 2013

Every month, each of the major Joomla template clubs release a new template. In this post, you'll get an overview of the premium business Joomla templates released during November 2013.

This month, templates from Yootheme, RocketTheme, Joomla Bamboo, JoomlArt, JoomlaShack, JoomlaXTC and Nuevvo are on display. Enjoy!

RocketTheme: Spectral


RocketTheme Spectral features

  • Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.2 Compatible
  • Responsive Layout
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • 88 Module Positions
  • 8 Styled & Numerous Structural Module Suffixes
  • RokSprocket Integrated Styling
  • Optimized for RokBooster
  • HTML5 Canvas Charts (Modern browsers & IE9+)
  • Powerful Gantry 4 Framework
  • DropDown Menu & Splitmenu
  • Custom Content Typography
  • FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE8+ Compatible

More info about Spectral

Joomla Bamboo: Ignite


Joomla Bamboo Ignite features

  • 8 simple colour schemes easily adaptable using Theme Magic.
  • Built in support for Hikashop.
  • Built in support for Virtuemart.
  • Built in styling for jCalPro Joomal Calendar.
  • Full responsive layout
  • Compatible with our responsive standalone K2 templates called Zenkit.
  • Bootstrap Joomla template utilising a myriad of built in Joomla 3 and core Bootstrap functionality.
  • Full support for Zentools - Our multi purpose Joomla module for creating flexible and responsive image and content grids and galleries.
  • A flexible feature rich mega Mega Menu via the T3 framework.
  • Easily drag elements using the T3 layout control to change the width and layout of modules and positions.
  • Unified Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 package

More info about Ignite

JoomlaArt: JA Obelisk

JA Obelisk

JoomlaArt JA Obelisk features

  • Fully responsive
  • Right To Left Language Layout
  • Supports EasyBlog
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Up to 8 bonus pages
  • Complimentary extensions

More info about JA Obelisk

JoomlaShack: Tripod


JoomlaShack Tripod features

  • Flat and Gorgeous Photography / Art Portfolio Showcase
  • Even Easier to Set Up: Tripod includes a Quicklauncher
  • Interactive Effects
  • View the demo with b/w AND color photographs
  • Built using the Wright 3 Framework!
  • The Joomlashack Joomla Template - a "Strictly Joomla" Template

More info about Tripod

JoomlaXTC: Planate


JoomlaXTC Planate features

  • Bootstrapped Framework
  • CSS 3 Enabled
  • XTC Framework
  • Mobile Layouts
  • Joomla! Quickstart

More info about Planate

JoomlaXTC: Citylife


JoomlaXTC Citylife features

  • Bootstrapped Framework
  • CSS 3 Enabled
  • XTC Framework
  • Mobile Layouts
  • Joomla! Quickstart

More info about Citylife

Nuevvo: The Conversationalist

The Conversationalist

Nuevvo The Conversationalist features

  • Hand-crafted for K2
  • Responsive
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • No Nonsense Frameworks
  • nuContent
  • Fast & Lightweight
  • Smooth Updates
  • Built for Joomla!
  • Adobe Photoshop Sources
  • Quick-start packages for Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x
  • Dedicated Support

More info about The Conversationalist

Yootheme: Square


Yootheme Square features

  • Fluid Grid Layout
  • Off-canvas Mobile Navigation
  • Responsive Device Options
  • Wide range of different layouts and widget variations
  • The user interface is powered by UIkit

More info about Square

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