Nuevvo relaunches as Joomla template club

Nuevvo relaunches as Joomla template club

Nuevvo Webware and JoomlaWorks of K2 fame have just released their new Joomla template club. The club is aimed at providing high quality Joomla templates.

The web is evolving, and Joomla! is evolving with it. Joomla 3 is mobile friendly, bootstrapped and ready for the future. We've already got tags, soon we'll have version control and more is on the horizon. Still, most Joomla! templates are becoming unwieldy monsters. Simple things are hard to do even for advanced users, much because of too complex frameworks and file structures. Nuevvo wants to change that.

As a Joomla integrator, you probably want the same thing as I would: Great looking Joomla templates that don't need an 80-page manual to learn how they work, so you can do basic editing to integrate your client's logo and colors! You just want to be able to either use the Joomla! template manager or any code editor with FTP access to edit just one template file and a couple of CSS files (2 if you use K2). Open, edit, release! That's all there is to it.

The Nuevvo team has worked hard and in stealth mode on the Nuevvo Templates project since late 2011. They have used their more than 10 years of experience (7 in the Joomla! community) in high profile web projects around the world into a new service that will benefit us as Joomla integrators.

So, today, they have re-launched Nuevvo as a new Joomla template provider, aiming to solve all the problems mentioned above.

Templating in Joomla! has always been a step ahead compared to other Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal.

When asked why they started this template club, Fotis Evangelou of JoomlaWorks told me, simply:

We wanted to bring back the joy and fun of creating websites with the most flexible CMS platform worldwide. Joomla! was and still is the king in content management, and for a reason.

Here are some screenshots from the new Nuevvo template club:


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