JoomlaBlogger articles - now also in Spanish

gnumla-logoAs you know, the Joomla community is truly international. Most of the information available is written in English, though. For this reason, I'm very happy to announce that starting today, selected JoomlaBlogger articles will be published in Spanish. Not on this blog, but over at

My Spanish friends approached me a while ago about republishing my articles in Spanish. After some back-and-forth I agreed - and I'm happy with the result.

Spanish is the second-largest language of the world. Wikipedia says:

Spanish has 417 million including second-language speakers (Ethnologue 1999). 500 million currently. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

I hope this will mean even more people will learn about Joomla. Reading the articles in their native language will definitely make it easier to understand the many facets of Joomla.

The first article which has been translated is my Joomla CSS article, now also known as: Joomla CSS para principiantes.


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