JoomlaBlogger Community Launched (and a JomSocial Discount)

JoomlaBlogger Community LaunchedSome days ago, I published my JoomlaBlogger Community here at the blog. I have waited a few days to announce it, though, to have a soft start.

Now, however, I welcome all of you to join me and other Joomla addicts in a friendly, giving community.

The community is based upon the Joomla extension JomSocial. I have managed to secure a special deal for my members. Read on for more.


A Special Offer

When registering, you will get access to a 20% discount offer for JomSocial. The coupon is valid until November 30th and is an exclusive offer to members of JoomlaBlogger Community!

We Build the Community Together

A community is made up of individuals. Just like in your local community, everyone needs to give to get something back. I look forward to learning about who you are, what you do, what you have to share. You will make new friends, and learn something, and have a lot of fun! What we share is our belief in Joomla and open source, and that it's through working together and sharing that things happen.

How to Use the Community

First, you need to register. If you have a Facebook account, you can connect that account to the community account.

Get Your Discount Code

When you have registered, go to my profile (JoomlaBlogger) to get the discount code. It's published on my wall :)


Just like in Facebook, you can add friends, write on their walls and share pictures and videos with them and other users.

Add and Join Groups

We have some groups going already, but feel free to add new ones. They must be approved before you can use them, though. Groups can have discussions, videos and photos. Be creative!

So, head on over and register now! See you there!

JoomlaBlogger Community (free)

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