Most popular blog posts of 2010 - and the Joomla year in review

Most popular blog posts of 2010 - and the Joomla year in review

In this post, I give you the most popular posts of 2010. This year was the first full calendar year blogging about Joomla. I started in May 2009. The year has been incredible, and I think the future is bright for Joomla.

When we approach the end of this year, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you - my loyal reader - for supporting my blog. A special thank you goes to all those who comment on my posts, subscribe to my email list, follow my RSS feed and my Twitter account.

Without you, the time I put into writing this blog wouldn't be worth it. However, getting your positive feedback is a constant inspiration to me. It's what makes me want to write better and more informative posts. I continuously learn from you and your feedback, and I hope you take some value from my posts as well. I wish you and your family a happy holiday and a prosperous 2011.

Read on for the 10 most popular posts of 2010.

I think 2011 will be an incredible year for Joomla. Just take a look at a few of the things that happened during 2010:

For more about the history of Joomla, take a look at the 5 year Joomla anniversary infographic I made.

Here are my most popular blog posts from 2010:

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  2. Show off your Facebook following in Joomla
  3. Joomla CSS for beginners
  4. Joomla tutorial: Remove functions in the Joomla front end editor
  5. Joomla Meta Tags (part 3): sh404SEF
  6. 10 things to know about Joomla and the iPad
  7. How to verify your Joomla site in Google Webmaster Tools
  8. Joomla Meta Tags (part 4): Google Webmaster Tools
  9. Tutorial: How to understand Joomla templates in five easy steps
  10. Joomla backup - how to set up a reliable solution

See you in 2011!

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