New design for the JED (Joomla Extensions Directory)

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) front page has been updated with some layout changes.

I must say I think it looks good, but there's still room for improvement in the way that information is presented.

jed-new-designThe top portion of the page reveals a selection of 12 "Random New Extensions". I would like to know how new an extension needs to be to be included in this section.

I kind of liked the old way of showing the new extensions. Let's say I saw more than one new extension I was interested in. Earlier, if I followed a link to one new extension, I could go back and look at another one of the one's I found interesting. Now I need to open another tab to keep the old page in place with the same selection, because the page is updated with new random extensions every time the page is refreshed. Not a big deal, I know, but still.

I think that for me, it would be better to show for instance even as many as 16 or 20 new extensions, and not randomly shown. Maybe also with an option to show more extensions using an AJAX function without refreshing the page.

If you click the "New" link in the top right corner of the section, you'll get the list of new extensions in their order of submission to the directory. At least so it seems. It's a bit hard to tell, as the submission date for each extension is not shown in this list.

New and noteworthy

Next is a section showing 4 "New and Noteworthy" extensions. Nice thing, but I'd like to know what the criteria is for these noteworthy extensions. How are they picked? Editor's choice? Not randomly, it seems, as they stay there for quite a while.

Recently updated

The next section shows 12 "Recently updated" Joomla extensions. It seems like these are shown in the order of submission to the directory, which makes perfect sense.

Random extensions

The last section shows 2 randomly chosen extensions. This is also nice, as this wil highlight extensions you might not find as easily. The directory is at over 4400 extensions now.

So, what do you think about the new JED front page? Room for improvement or just bliss? ;)

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