Joomla not one of the top blogging platforms - but it should be!

blogging-platforms-illYesterday, David Risley published a guest post featuring an infographic. The theme of the infographic was the Most popular blogging platforms compared. The infographic features the most popular systems people use for blogging.

The sad thing for me, was that Joomla isn't even on the list of blogging platforms mentioned in the infographic. As you know, I'm blogging about Joomla with Joomla. And I think it works great.

I'm using one of the simpler blogging tools as an addition to Joomla: SuperBlogger. But for more advanced options (or a more streamlined blogging experience), I recommend solutions like EasyBlog (commercial) or K2 (free). If I'd started the blog today, I would have chosen one of these extensions.

The guys over at EasyBlog have started a campaign they call I blog with Joomla. Of course, they want to sell their product, but at the same time they want to hightlight the fact that Joomla is an excellent blogging platform.

If you look at the below chart, Joomla can fulfill all of the needs a blogger has. At least with some extensions added.

So, what's your opinion on this? I think blogging with Joomla is both fun and makes perfect sense as I make sites with Joomla all day long ;)

Blogging platforms compared

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