Think before you write

think-before-you-write-illOnline, it's so easy to say something you would never say to another person's face. It's easy to throw out a lot of negativity, use foul language and don't care about the other person's reaction.

Perhaps you should stop and think again before you write a negative comment on a blog, a harsh tweet or a ranting forum post. Would you say the things you say if the person was sitting across the table at a coffee shop? Would you be that harsh? Or would you let the other person have a chance to present his or her view and reasons for doing this or that? I think you would - but online it's so easy to forget these common-sense rules we try to live by in real life.

Perhaps you should take some time to see both sides of the story. Being friendly gives so much more than ranting on about your own frustrations. Sometimes it actually helps to write it down, ranting on and getting it out. And then deleting it...

It's a person like you

These things are particularly important to remember in a project like Joomla. It could be wise to consider that the person at the receiving end has put a lot of effort into providing something for free or at a low cost for you. Most of the time, Joomla extensions and templates are developed by small companies. Actually, most of them are developed by a single developer. A real person, with family, obligations and a life that happens to him or her. And still finds the time to develop something and share it with you.

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt goes a long way, and it will give so much more back long-term.

Be a force for good in the project and give back to all those who came before you.

The web is full of negativity. But remember, you are not like most people!

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