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I have been using Joomla as a blogging platform with great success for both my clients and myself. After having reviewed and tested countless setups and extensions this book is my way of sharing what I have learnt over the years. This knowledge can be used by anyone using Joomla, not just those who want to build a blog.

Joomla is great for any type of web site, and it's great for blogging. I have shown in practice that it is indeed possible to build a successful blog with Joomla. By adding a selection of extensions, you can extend the core package to solve anything you throw at it.

You already know Joomla and use it for other projects. That's just one of the reasons why you should use Joomla for blogging.

This book will answer all the questions you'll have when Blogging with Joomla!


Best of JoomlaBlogger.netI'm happy to announce that I've published my first ebook today. The book is a 48-page PDF featuring a selection of the most popular posts from this blog.

From the feedback I've gotten so far, people seem to like it :)

I hope you will enjoy the ebook!