Upcoming Book: Advanced Joomla!

Advanced JoomlaWhen browsing Amazon.com today, I noticed a new book coming in November, available right now for pre-order:

Written by bestselling Beginning Joomla! author Dan Rahmel, Advanced Joomla! provides you with the technical know-how and bonanza of information that allows you to take your Joomla! sites to the next level.

About the Book 'Advanced Joomla!'

Advanced Joomla! allows you to study beginning and advanced Joomla! topics back-to-back without requiring any additional outside knowledge. Moreover, it offers you advanced techniques for customizing a Joomla! CMS, including creating templates, administration, and building extensions. Integrate advanced Web 2.0 features into you Joomla! site, including social networking, blogging, and Google and Yahoo web services. Construct advanced Joomla! templates that use multiple stylesheets; third-party frameworks including MooTools and Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library for interactive display; specialty definitions for mobile users; and more!

Administration Galore

Learn advanced administration, including various site-backup methods, integration of logins with other systems, Joomla! site security, data mining techniques for MySQL information, deployment to a remote server or servers, and adding quality control using automated testing with the free, open source tools such as Apache JMeter and Selenium. What youll learn Advanced Joomla! assists content providers and web developers in all aspects of Joomla! content creation.

Invaluable for Graphis Artists and Web Designers

For graphic artists and web designers, the professional template techniques and site organization information will prove invaluable. For developers who are weary of the often Byzantine documentation and hunger for clear organized information, Advanced Joomla! holds the key to unlocking the treasures of this advanced CMS system. How to use the advanced, additional, or extra Joomla! tools, features, and techniques Advanced techniques for Joomla! use and configuration How to do advanced template constructions, administration, and development-

Who is this book for?

  • The book is for Joomla! or web developers/users who have read Beginning Joomla!
  • Advanced Joomla! Is for hobbyists, web designers, web developers, small and medium businesses, e-commerce merchants, and nonprofit organizations.

The content of the book targets bloggers, corporate content creators, and support specialists. Anyone with access to a web-hosting site that allows PHP/MySQL content deployment (which includes GoDaddy.com and SiteGround.com) will be able to deploy a Joomla! site with all of the features shown in the book. Like Beginning Joomla! , this book does not require actual PHP programming experience, although PHP code will be presented and explained.

Pre-order the book at Amazon:

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