How to remove Skype links from your website

Skype is always looking to create a better user experience for their users. The developers of this excellent communications platform have created a plugin for users to install into their browsers. The plugin creates buttons on phone numbers which makes it easy to call directly, using Skype.

I recently discovered that the Skype plugin actually remove the phone number entirely on some sites.

The reason is unknown, but one user sent me the following screenshot from my site:


He's using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7, and as you can see, the phone number was gone. I asked him if he had the Skype plugin installed, and the answer was yes. When he removed the plugin the phone number reappeared.

After some searching I found that the way to remove this Skype functionality in your site is to add a meta tag:


Easy fix and does not require the user to remove the Skype plugin. Most users don't even know the plugin is installed, or that it can have this effect.

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