Joomla blog posts from around the web (22/12)

Joomla blog posts from around the web (22/12)

Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 22:

• Our New Product: Admincredible
• Reaction from Attendees at JandBeyond 2012
• Joomla Roadmap Meeting held at J and Beyond
• 2012 Joint Leadership Summit Summary
• Full speed ahead with jomCDN!
• Dropping support for IE7 in our Joomla templates
• Rethinking internationalization in Joomla 2.5 and beyond
• Backup! A story of how a 2-year-old backup saves a site from the abyss

Our New Product: Admincredible

Written by Steve Burge

Remember that new product mentioned on the blog at the beginning of May?  I'm delighted to say that things are coming along great.  The name of the product is Admincredible and I know you're going to love it.  We've absolutely loved building it.  

In building Admincredible, I've had the chance work with a lot of people that I've long admired. TJ and Eddie from Joomlashack are helping me bring the product to fruition. Fotis, Chiara and the Nuevvo team are doing the design work. We've got some great coders on the project too.

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Reaction from Attendees at JandBeyond 2012

Written by Steve Burge

JandBeyond 2012 wrapped up just a week ago and it was a third, highly successful, year for the event.  JandBeyond 2012 surpassed all their previous records and will be back again to try and do even better in 2013. 

Congratulations to the organizers and to the attendees who came from around the world.  If you weren't able to make, we hope to see you next year! In the meantime, here's a round-up of articles and multimedia from the event.  If you want your JandBeyond response added to the list, tweet a link @joomla and we'll add it here.

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Joomla Roadmap Meeting held at J and Beyond

Written by Andrea Tarr

We incorporated Joomla Roadmap meetings as part of the J and Beyond conference held in Germany recently. The Joomla Roadmap meetings are part of an effort to help organize and encourage the efforts of volunteers and to move Joomla development in directions where the community wants to go. Thanks to the coordinators and volunteers whose work makes this a success!

These meetings were structured to be working meetings where we could take actual steps forward to accomplishing goals that people were interested in. We started with several lightning talks on topics as diverse as Update & Migration, Multi-site, User Experience, JavaScript, Unit Tests for the CMS, Search, Unified Content Model (UCM) and Web Services. The following morning we held breakout sessions for people interested in each of these topics, followed by recaps of what was accomplished and what the next steps were that the groups would be taking.

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2012 Joint Leadership Summit Summary

Written by Paul Orwig

A Joomla joint leadership summit was held on May 21 and 22 in Bad Nauheim, Germany following the JandBeyond conference. Representatives from the Joomla Production Leadership Team, Community Leadership Team, and Open Source Matters discussed a number of different subjects during these two days.

The joint leadership summit participants came up with a set of recommendations for improving how the project's leadership teams function. Because not all leadership team members were able to participate in the summit meetings, it was decided that each of the three leadership teams should follow up  separately to discuss the recommendations with their full membership. Following those separate discussions, the next step will be for each leadership team to report back to the combined project leadership, with the goal of reaching a consensus soon.

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Full speed ahead with jomCDN!

Written by Michael Pignataro

Some may have heard of jomCDN, some may have not. jomCDN which is offered by our parent company 'corePHP' is a powerful plugin that speeds up your Joomla site up to 80% faster. That's right JoomlaPraise and JoomlaPraise Demo sites all use jomCDN to take full advantage of the speed enhancements. Why would we want to increase the speed of our site. Well, first Google will love you and also your users will love you for a faster site to deliver the content they are looking for.

We have a great video to share with you that gives in-depth information about 'corePHP' jomCDN:

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Dropping support for IE7 in our Joomla templates

Written by Anthony Olsen

In the last week, two of our fellow Joomla template makers have announced that they will be dropping support for Internet Explorer 7 and so after looking at the browser statistics for IE7 use over the last few months I think it has come time to say goodbye to IE7 support.

Just as the folk over at Joomlart have mentioned Google, Facebook, Drupal and even Microsoft have dropped support for IE7 and given that the upgrade path for IE7 is considerably more mature than it was for IE6, we think that IE7's time has come.  Dropping IE7 support means that we will ensure that the page degrades gracefully for IE7 users, but we won't go to great efforts to get it to reflect the same cutting edge performance we are getting out of modern browsers.  This change will come into effect on August 1st.

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Rethinking internationalization in Joomla 2.5 and beyond

Written by Victor Drover

At J and Beyond this year I had the opportunity to discuss multilingual solutions for Joomla.  Below you’ll find the slides from my talk — with video to follow soon from the J and Beyond team — comparing the different features of multilingual solutions for Joomla.  The bulk of the talk shows how Josetta fits in to provide an efficient and collaborative translation experience without sacrificing web site performance or compatibility with future Joomla versions. 

I hope you enjoy the slides and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly or post a message in the pre-sales area of the forum.

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Attention! JSN products support Joomla 1.5 until September 2012

Written by Hanh

According to the original plan of the Production Leadership Team for this long-term support version, it will reach its end of life in April 2012. However, a lot of people have expressed the desire to see this period extended. Also, Joomla 1.5 has not required a lot of updates over the past year, so extending the LTS period is not expected to need a lot of project time or resources. Thus, the PLT has decided to move the date to at least September 2012.

We at JoomlaShine are glad to announce that our current Joomla templates including JSN Teki, JSN Tendo, JSN Dome, JSN Epic and some upcoming templates, along with JSN ImageShow will support Joomla 1.5 until September 2012.

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Backup! A story of how a 2-year-old backup saves a site from the abyss

Written by Cory Webb

We install Akeeba Backup for all of our clients. It's at the top of the must-have component list for any and every Joomla professional. If your developer does not recommend and/or install Akeeba Backup on your Joomla site, I would question their credentials as a Joomla professional.  The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. And no, my name is not Jack Webb. It's Cory Webb. Just the facts, ma'am. 

Two years ago, we did some work for a company that was running a Joomla 1.5 site with Virtuemart. Honestly, I had to look through my notes to remember what we did for them. We made some modifications to Virtuemart to help them handle international shipping.  During the process, we installed JoomlaPack (Akeeba Backup before the name was Swahili-ized) and took a backup of the site, just to be sure we could easily revert back if needed.

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