Fixed a problem with SuperBlogger and YooGallery

If you have trouble using the YooGallery plugin from Yootheme with SuperBlogger, I found the solution after a little poking around.

The solution is the order of the plugins. YooGallery and SuperBlogger both had order 0. When I changed the order to Yoogallery = 1 and SuperBlogger = 2, the problem was still there. However, when I changed the order around, loading SuperBlogger first, the gallery loaded just fine in my article. Do this to fix it yourself:

  1. Go to the Plugin Manager
  2. Enter 1 in the Order column for SuperBlogger
  3. Enter a value of 2 or higher in the Order column for YooGallery
  4. Press the "Save" button on top of the Order column and you're all set.

This might help solve problems with other content plugins as well, as it seems that SuperBlogger needs to be run before all other content plugins in order to rund smoothly.


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Read 9504 times Originally published on Monday, 15 June 2009 11:53
Last modified on Monday, 27 June 2011 10:37
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