Control Your Joomla Titles with Advanced SEO

Advanced SEOAdvanced SEO by CloudAccess is a Joomla extension that seamlessly integrates more flexible titles into your content items.

Featuring smart plugin architecture, the SEO extension provides high quality solution without hacking the core files of Joomla.

The extension adds an additional title field in the article edit interface, in the metadata area. You can globally decide if you want the "meta" title to override the default titles or append to existing ones.

Features of Advanced SEO

  • Does not require core files hacking (compared to similar solutions on the market)
  • Flexible title tag generation
  • Additional title fields in both back-end and front-end areas of the site
  • Transforms ROBOTS field from text input to convienient drop-down list

 I think this plug-in looks very nice. At least if you don't use sh404SEF for title tag management.

Screenshots for Advanced SEO





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