10 Joomla articles I read today

Sometimes there are such a lot of stuff going on that I just can't report on everything. But that doesn't stop me from sharing it with you anyway, right?

Here are 10 Joomla related and non-related (but good nonetheless) articles I read today.

  1. My reading listModule editing at the frontend
    Ankit shows the progress on his Joomla frontend editing project. I just love this - doing frontend editing in a modal popup is just sexy ;)
  2. Jobs Returns to Work as Apple CEO After Medical Leave (Update3)
    Is our favorite Apple hero back in business?
  3. Are Smart Companies Now Supporting Several CMS Platforms?
    A blog post from Alledia on how several template design companies have started to support several CMS platforms.
  4. How to Use English Punctuation Correctly
    I should really read this often...
  5. K2 v2.0.0 (stable) PRERELEASE now available!
    A new version of the K2 CCK from JoomlaWorks has been released
  6. Joomla Security - JOS
    A post by Brian Teeman on how to name your MySQL tables. I've integrated this into my post on how to secure your Joomla site.
  7. 5-minute interview with Philip Locke
    Interview with the roprietor at Fastnet Web Design, West Sussex, UK.
  8. What's Happening With Joomla?
    Alledia takes a look at how it is to work with Joomla in a recession
  9. 5 Ways to find Direct Advertisers for your Blog
    Interesting read on how to get advertisers.
  10. Tribute to Wilco Jansen
    I end this post with Amy Stephen sharing some thoughts on and a truly funny picture of Wilco Jansen. I agree totally on what she's writing. I met Wilco at the JoomlaDay Norway a while ago, and enjoyed his vast knowledge of Joomla, direct style and humor a lot.
Have a great day!
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