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Tutorial: Create Line Breaks in Joomla Article TitlesThere are times when I need to have the title of an article break somewhere in the title itself. This is not something which is easy to do in Joomla without modifications, as far as I know.

By applying a small modification of the Joomla template overrides however, we can achieve our goal quite easily. Some restrictions apply, though.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create the line breaks by replacing text in article titles on the fly.

yagendoo-flypage-themesDuring the last couple of years, I've created a few Joomla websites with Virtuemart as the e-commerce component. Although I struggled a bit to start with, I think it works fine now. I still find the control panels quite cluttered and not exactly intuitive, though. It took a lot of time to get to know all the quirks and oddities (like links that lead to not-yet implemented features...!). After a while, however, I have come to like VirtueMart, and have managed to set up a few quite successful webshops using it.

One of the things I don't like so much is the lack of themes and templates made for Virtuemart. A few weeks ago I was made aware of Yagendoo, a company specializing in templates and extensions for Joomla.

I've surfed around in the template clubs and looked at the new Joomla templates released for the month of September.

Join me as I explore some of the releases - from one eye-candy to another.

There are thousands of Joomla templates and extensions available on the market.

In this post you'll find a large listing of Joomla template and extension providers, and directories of the same. You'll find both commercial and free templates and extensions.

Nexus - August 2009 template from RocketThemeThe latest offering from RocketTheme is the template called Nexus. The template comes with an SEO Friendly code base and contains a lot of color styles and customization options.

The latest offering from RocketTheme is the template called Nexus. The template comes with an SEO Friendly code base and contains a lot of color styles and customization options.

Check out more about the Nexus template from RocketTheme here


Flux is the newest YOOtheme creation, released as their template for August 2009. Flux is based on the new Warp5 Joomla template framework and is designed with a chromish style. The style is nice if you have a gaming site or similar.

Affinity - RocketTheme template for July 2009RocketTheme has spent two months developing their new Affinity template. And there are a few good reasons for it.

The new Affinity template features a new module reordering ability. The function lets you order blocks vertically and modules horizontally in those blocks. You can reorder modules vertically in a module position. The order of the modules and blocks is remembered by the browser by use of a cookie. This way, the user sees the site the same way every time they visit the page - if they use the same browser, that is.

How to show relevant Adsense ads in JoomlaMaking sure the most relevant ads show up on your blog or website might seem hard to do. Google decides, right?

As you will see from this post, there are several things you may do to help Google present more relevant ads to your users.

First of all, you can set a code in your template to show Google what part of your site contains the actual content. This is what Google calls section targeting.

ready-made-templatesMost of the time, using a ready-made template is a good choice and provide you with great value and time-saving functionality.  However, there are times when I curse the day I downloaded the glossy, shiny, all-bells-and-whistles template and installed it on my Joomla site.

When I'm developing sites for my own use, using a template from RocketTheme, Yootheme or another company is a great choice. I have the 100% creative control of the project, and can decide if a functionality is needed or just "nice to have".

However, if I'm developing a site for a client, the case might be another. The client may have wishes that at first sight can look easy to implement, but when I start adding new functionality to the template I sometimes experience odd results.

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