JCE 2.0.0 "Stable" released

JCE 2.0Yesterday, JCE 2.0 "Stable" for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6 was released. Ryan Demmer, the developer of JCE, extends a big thank you to everyone who helped bring JCE 2.0 to this milestone. 

Please note that "stable" does not necessarily mean bug free but rather refers to the end of the development process for this version. Ryan asks you to please continue to post bug reports and issues you find in the Forum.

Ryan will be updating installation and other documentation this week and will also be posting the first in a series of "Developer Walk through" videos soon.

As the Image Manager Extended 2.0 is still in development, JCE 1.5 will still be available for download for a few months, with the possibility of a few minor maintenance updates.

Download JCE

What's new in JCE 2.0?

JCE 2.0 Control Panel icons

Support for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 in a single install package.


  • Reworked interface and icons
  • Ajax loading of News Feeds in the Control Panel
  • Available Updates alert shown in the Control Panel
  • Updates dialog allows for easy updating of JCE Extension and JCE Plugins.
  • File Browser dialog can be launched from the Control Panel to manage images, files, folders etc.
  • Import / Export Profiles (formerly groups) data
  • Assign Profiles for use in the front-end or back-end only
  • New parameter widgets make setting some options easier, ie: Colour Picker, Sortable Checklists, Editable
  • Select Lists, File Extensions Editor.
  • Tooltips on all parameters with sticky option - click on the parameter name to keep the tooltip open.
  • Single page Installer for installing JCE Add-ons (Plugins, Extensions, Languages, Related Plugins)
  • JCE MediaBox can be installed with the JCE Installer
  • JCE MediaBox parameters can be set from within the JCE Administration.
  • All of the Javascript API  has been re-written, including many plugins, using JQuery and JQuery UI.
  • Complete refactoring of the JCE Administration


  • Reworked interface and icons.
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting Source Code editor.
  • Inline Preview
  • Extensions system allows new features to be added to supporting plugins eg: Popups, Link Browser, File Browser.
  • Extensions can themselves be extended eg: the Link Browser can be extended to provide links from other components such as Docman, K2, Zoo etc.
  • The File Browser (used by the Image Manager etc.) can be expanded to fit the dialog window
  • The File Browser now supports true multiple file uploads using HTML5, Flash or Silverlight.
  • The File Browser tree can be hidden - this shows a detailed file view showing the File / Folder Date and File Size.
  • All of the Javascript API (excluding TinyMCE) has been re-written, including many plugins, using JQuery and JQuery UI.
  • Support for HTML5 Audio and Video elements.
  • Support for nested media elements (object, embed, audio, video) with conditional comments.


JCE 2.0 is a single package install that is installed using the Joomla! Extension Manager.


  • From JCE 1.5.x 
    1. Uninstall JCE 1.5 using the Joomla! Extension Manager.
    2. Install JCE 2.0 using the Joomla! Extension Manager
  • From JCE 2.0 beta or RC
    1. Install JCE 2.0.0 using the Joomla! Extension Manager

Here are some screenshots from JCE 2.0:

The JCE 2.0 control panel
JCE 2.0 editor setup
JCE 2.0 editor setup with new buttons
JCe 2.0 editor
The JCE 2.0 editor in use with K2
JCe 2.0 updates
JCE 2.0 updates screen
JCE 2.0 plug-in parameters
JCE 2.0 plug-in parameters with new horizontal tabs
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