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Joomla Bug Squad in action at J and Beyond 2013 [VIDEO]

Joomla Bug Squad in action at J and Beyond 2013 [VIDEO]

It's Saturday night at J and Beyond 2013 (well, it's already Sunday), and I'm about to go to bed. Checking the #jab13 tweets, I find a tweet from Sander Potjer with an image from the Bug Squashing Session going on - and I head over there to see what's going on. The room is packed with coders and testers, and the hours fly by!

I learn how the bug testing and fixing works, help Victor Drover with some of his testing and even get a promise to be shown how to set up for testing on my own computer by David Hurley. Great stuff - in the near future I'll be able to test patches that are to go into the Joomla core. I never realized it was that easy to do and that even a non PHP-coder like me can contribute in this area of Joomla.

Take a look at the video in this post to get a bit of the feel from this unique, late-night bug squashing session.

 Joomla rocks!

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