Joooid - Android client for Joomla

Joooid main screenJoooid is an Android client for the Joomla CMS: it has been created to publish articles with images, galleries and a map indicating the GPS position where the article has been published from.

Among the features of Joooid are an article manager. The article manager allows you to browse, publish or trash articles. There's also a utility which uploads files from the Android device directly into the Joomla directory.

To start using Joooid you need to download and install it from the Android Market. Then, install the Joooid plugin (see instructions here). It's also possible to install some extra plugins to embed Google maps in your article and optionally a shadowbox plugin for the image gallery. The developer is currently working on a solution to embed YouTube videos as well.

If you find problems in using Joooid, please first check the setup and troubleshooting section. If that doesn't solve your problem, you can add a post in the bug reporting section or write an e-mail to the developer here with a description of the problem and the published post url (if necessary).

Joooid is free - but you could support the development by donating or submitting a review to the JED page of Joooid.

More information about the Joooid Android client


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