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Open Source Matters announced yesterday that Paul Orwig was elected president of the non-profit organization that owns Joomla!®. Paul is known to many as the editor-in-chief of the Joomla Community Magazine.

He did the closing keynote at J and Beyond 2011 and is passionate about the Joomla project.

Today, Ryan Ozimek published an open letter to Paul, sharing some of his insights from his two years as OSM president.

joomla-week-47Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 47.

Read on for some info on the upcoming board group of external advisors for Joomla, a lush Virtuemart webshop, some DOCMan secrets, details on the new and enhanced JED approval process, and finally, some videos featuring well-known people from the Joomla leadership.

Enjoy the read and have a great week!

eBay North San JoseAccording to a recent press release, attendees at Joomla Day West USA will be the first to know about the latest developlment of the Joomla project.

The conference will be held on the eBay/PayPal North campus in San Jose, Calif., Oct. 1 through 3, 2010, and will provide open discussions and interactive sessions about the Joomla CMS.

Although the press release issued on September 22nd was a bit cryptic, it seems there is a big announcement coming. And as far as I understand, a positive one involving a large company.

Ryan Ozimek and Kristoffer Sandven (JoomlaBlogger)The keynote at J and Beyond 2010 on Monday morning was done by Ryan Ozimek.

In the keynote he talked about the role of the OSM (Open Source Matters), board in the Joomla! project. He emphasized that the role of OSM should be to support the community.

After the keynote I had a short chat with Ryan.

You can see the video of the talk in this post.