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A reader asked me about this recently. What he wanted was to hide the "Home" menu item when on the frontpage of his site.

I must admit I haven't really been in the situation where I'd needed that. Still, there might be others that need the same functionality on their site. So here are a couple of solutions for hiding a menu item on a particular page.

Earlier this year I went to London for a couple of days of vacation. And, as the Mac addict I am, I "had to" visit the Apples Stores. The first one I visited was the one in Regent Street, and after spending some time there I decided to buy an iPad. I had definitely thought about it before arriving, but when I'd played around with it for a while I decided.

I also visited the new Apple Store in Covent Garden, and added some accessories to my iPad. The store was great by the way: Huge, well organized and with a very friendly and efficient staff. The store was packed with people wanting the new iPhone 4.

So why do I tell you this? Well, as I started to play around with the iPad, I soon realized it had a lot of potential when it comes to web development. Making your site look good on the iOS platform and other mobile platforms will be more important each day. Even though I've made some efforts to optimize websites for the iPhone, it's not until I used an iPad that the real power of optimizing your site really shines through.

I regularly scan the unanswered questions in the Joomla forums. Many times, the questions posted have to do with how the output of Joomla is presented. This may have to do with the template, but oftentimes it has to do with the CSS (stylesheet) of the Joomla template.

New users are often unaware of how CSS and Joomla works. There is confusion regarding if the problem relates to the Joomla core, or the template installed.

In this post I will try and give you an overview on how to use CSS in Joomla.

Regularmente reviso las entradas que no han recibido respuesta en los foros de Joomla. Muchas veces, las cuestiones planteadas tienen que ver con la forma en la que se presenta la salida de Joomla. Esto puede tener que ver con el código de la plantilla, pero muchas veces tiene más que ver directamente con el CSS (hoja de estilos) de la plantilla.

Los nuevos usuarios suelen estar poco enterados de cómo funciona el CSS en Joomla. A veces hay incluso confusión acerca de si el problema que se plantea está relacionado con el propio “core” (núcleo) de Joomla o es cosa de la plantilla instalada. En este artículo trataré de daros una panorámica general acerca del uso de las hojas de estilos en Joomla.