Announcing: "Blogging with Joomla!" - the e-book

Announcing: "Blogging with Joomla!" - the e-book

Yesterday, the first commercial Joomlablogger e-book was released. Blogging with Joomla!® is a 287 page e-book (delivered as a downloadable PDF, which covers a lot of information on how to blog with our favorite CMS.

Even if the book is written with a focus on blogging, the information can be used by anyone who wants to improve how they build Joomla sites.

I have worked on the book for around a year, so I'm pleased to report that the feedback has been positive so far. It seems people like the information and that they learn from it.

My friend over at Joomla Bamboo, Anthony Olsen, wrote this after reading through the e-book:

Kristoffer Sandven is at the leading edge when it comes to using Joomla for blogging. The detail covered in his Blogging with Joomla book is simply mind-boggling, which makes it a must for new or even seasoned Joomla users.

and TJ Baker of Joomla Shack said:

There's so much information in this book it would be good resource for someone looking to build ANY type of Joomla site.  It's a great investment for anyone looking for guidance with setting up their Joomla powered blog site, written by one of Joomla's best bloggers!

Go get your copy today - it sells for only €9.95. I set the price as low possible so it would be affordable to a larger audience. It's my hope that it will inspire and help many Joomla users around the world.

Read more about the e-book and order

or you can just order it directly by clicking the below button ;)


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