Why blog with Joomla?

blogging-joomla-illAs you know, I’m blogging with Joomla myself. I find the Joomla platform to be a really good platform for blogging. But is it right for you?

In this post I explore some reasons why I think you should use Joomla as a blogging platform and why it might be a good choice.

If you're a Joomla addict like me, it seems only natural to use Joomla as a blogging platform. I have seen some blogs about Joomla that are built with Wordpress. To me, that's quite silly. If you're writing about how to use Joomla, you should use it for blogging as well, in my opinion.

You already have a Joomla site

One scenario could be that your business has a Joomla site already and you’re looking to expand your business with a blog. In that case, installing a second system doesn’t make sense. Especially if your primary business is not web development. In that case, you need to spend as little time as possible training people, and as few systems to maintain as possible. Having your blog inside Joomla is the simplest route.

You already know Joomla

If you already know Joomla and use it for other projects, I recommend you use Joomla for your blogs as well. There is great value in using the same type of system for multiple sites. Possessing Joomla skills, it is only natural to leverage that when you create a blog. For most people it will take great effort to learn a new platform, so using what you know makes perfect sense to me.

Simplify documentation and training

Say you have a team of end-users writing on the site. In such a case, you will want to keep the blogging solution as simple as possible. By having one system for blogging and keeping the rest of the site updated you will make your life easier when training and documenting. The users will thank you as well, as they get one system to learn, and not several ways of inputting their thoughts and information.

Full control over your blog

With a Joomla blog, you have full control over your site. In my opinion, this is much better than being dependent on an online service like Blogger, Wordpress.com etc. Particularly in the case of a business blog, or a blog that is made with the purpose of making money directly. If you are dependent on a third-party service, you give away part of your business to an uncontrollable factor. Choices like what kind of advertising to use, functionality to add and templates available may be limited in such a service.

Using Joomla, you have the blessing of full freedom. Some might call it a curse to have all this freedom (it might be too much), but that’s another story. I choose to see the endless possibilities of expanding Joomla as a good thing. As you learn to harness the power of Joomla and available extensions, I hope you will agree with me.

In my ebook Blogging with Joomla, you will find chapter after chapter on how to build a blog using Joomla. The topics mentioned in this post will be explained in detail. And much more.


What about you? Have you tried blogging with Joomla? What do you like about it? Dislike about it? Or what do you miss? Share in the comments below.

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