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Mighty Commerce is an e-commerce component for Joomla CMS. It is an ultimate solution for any e-commerce idea that may come to your mind. By means of this component you can sell yourself or allow third-party vendors to sell any type of products including tangible goods, downloads, subscriptions, codes and vouchers.

Mighty Commerce is in fact an integration of different Mighty Extensions components that compose the very advanced component for e-commerce website.

Screenshots and features

Mighty Commerce uses Mighty Resources to create the most powerful products catalog. Mighty Touch creates personal profiles for sellers. Mighty Message creates inquiry system and allows keeping the correspondence within the website. Mighty Membership adds subscriptions functionality to Mighty Commerce.  Mighty Invoice is a universal payment gateway that may process payments for any component. And Mighty Analytics will analyze information of your commercial portal in beautiful charts and diagrams.

Standout features

  • Product types are developed in a form of plugins
  • Possibility to sell products of any imaginable type
  • Full control over sales
  • Integration with all known payment gateways, integration with any specific gateway is available on demand
  • Native multi-vendor
  • Commissions from vendors
  • Vendors personal product home page
  • Analytics of all important values within the website

Mighty Commerce control panel. Here the visitor may choose what to do.

C2C Store: Vendor gets an access to private shop from the frontend where she can choose the type of products he is selling and create her own catalogue.

C2C Store: The view of tangible product list.

C2C Store: The view of cart manager in C2C shop.

B2B Store: The view of tangible products catalogue in B2B Store.

B2B Store: the view of shopping cart in B2B store.

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