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Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 29: joomla-week-29

• Joomla Joint Leadership Summit

• Joomla! Explained and Why Writing a Book is So Damn Hard

• Google Trends For Joomla Not Looking So Good

• DOCman 1.6 now available!

• Rasa Joomla 1.7 template version available

• Coming up: Nooku Jam Hamburg


Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 28:

• Joomla! One click that's all it took

• Changes to Gnome on the run

• Joomla 1.6 End of Life - urgent upgrade required




joomla-version-17The Joomla team has now released Joomla 1.7.0 stable. This version includes many fixes and improvements over the 1.6 version.

Key updates in the new version include pre-defined search options, a new defense against form manipulation, language specific font settings and more.

Most notable, however, is the fact that you can upgrade from the latest version (1.6.5) from inside the Joomla administrator. No more FTP upload of files!

This might seem like a simple thing to do, but it has taken some time to get this right.

joomla-week-27Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 27: 

• What You Need To Know About Joomla 1.7

• Cloud.com, recently acquired by Citrix for $250m is running on Joomla! & K2

• New Joomla templates from Joomlashack

• Ecolift Joomla 1.6 Template Released

• Our Tienda Joomla Templates Updated

• Powerplay Joomla 1.6 Template now available

• News Cycle Joomla 1.6 Template now available

Wanted: Real remote blogging support for JoomlaFor years, people have been asking for real remote blogging support for Joomla.

Remote blogging, or remote publishing, is when you use a desktop software package (Windows Live Writer) or plug-in (like ScribeFire for Firefox) to create and edit your posts.

When you're done, you add the post to the Joomla web site directly, without even logging in to the Joomla administrator.

I have been using Joomla as a blogging platform with great success for both my clients and myself. After having reviewed and tested countless setups and extensions this book is my way of sharing what I have learnt over the years. This knowledge can be used by anyone using Joomla, not just those who want to build a blog. Joomla is great for any type of web site, and it's great for blogging. I have shown in practice that it is indeed possible to build a successful blog with Joomla. By adding a selection of extensions, you can extend the core…

joomla-week-26Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 26: 

• Helping me to spread the Joomla!Love

• A Lawyer for All Seasons

• Where is the code? Where is the tracker?

• Multilang in 1.7 What's new?

• Even More 1.7 Features

• Help Wanted for the Joomla! Events Team

• DealsInJoomla.com - Coming soon to help Extension Devs collaborate in promoting their extensions !

• Joomla 1.6.4 and deals plazajoomla

• Slight delay on Joomla July Template + RokGallery Release

• Joomla 1.6 version of captifyContent is now available

• 2000 reasons to celebrate

• It's a small world - I'm famous (he he) but why my daughter doesn't like Joomla!

First post on Smashing MagazineYesterday, my first ever article was published on the great Smashing Magazine web site. Smashing Magazine is an online publication about design, coding and all things related to web development.

My article was published on the coding.smashingmagazine.com sub site, which contains hands-on tips and tutorials on coding, server setup etc.

The article is called How to modify a default Joomla 1.5 template. In the post, I describe in detail how to take the JA Purity template of Joomla 1.5 and modify the header, logo and other elements.

The purpose of the post is primarily to teach users how to modify a template. How to discover where settings are hidden and what CSS and code to change.

best-of-joomlablogger-book-300px-white Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter!

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As promised, here's the link to the free 52-page ebook with some of the most popular posts from this blog.

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Being a Joomla user, you might be interested in the ebook "Blogging with Joomla!". In this book, I share the insights gained after years of blogging with Joomla.
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Have a great week!

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joomla-week-25Here are some interesting Joomla blog posts I found during week 25: 

• K2 and Why you need a good Joomla Web Host

• Joomla!Day Malaysia 2011 Recap

• RokGallery, a New Spin on Managing Images

• We just hit 50000 messages on the forum

• We’re not the only ones growing - join the Joomlapolis celebration and save on sh404SEF

• Google - the nosy neighbor who gets easily confused

JCE 2.0Yesterday, JCE 2.0 "Stable" for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6 was released. Ryan Demmer, the developer of JCE, extends a big thank you to everyone who helped bring JCE 2.0 to this milestone. 

Please note that "stable" does not necessarily mean bug free but rather refers to the end of the development process for this version. Ryan asks you to please continue to post bug reports and issues you find in the Forum.

Ryan will be updating installation and other documentation this week and will also be posting the first in a series of "Developer Walk through" videos soon.


When creating a Joomla site, it's incredibly easy to go overboard with extensions. The incredible selection of extensions and templates makes it tempting to implement too many and to spread your knowledge too wide.

As a Joomla integrator, I find it's crucial to find a method of implementing sites which makes it easy to set up, maintain and document  a large number of sites. Moderation is a virtue, a least when building Joomla sites.

For instance, the use of too many CCKs, text editors or template frameworks will lead to constant headaches. Particularly in the documentation of a site, it's important to reuse information. If you're using too many extensions and different processes for each site, the task of documenting and training will be so much harder.

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